What causes brake squeal and how to fix it?

Brake squeal refers to the high-pitched noise that occurs when a vehicle’s brakes are applied. It is characterized by a sharp, metallic sound that can be quite loud and irritating. Brake squeal is commonly caused by the vibration of brake components, such as brake pads, against the brake rotor or disc.

When you press the brake pedal, the brake pads are pressed against the rotor, creating friction that slows down or stops the vehicle. However, under certain conditions, such as uneven wear, contamination, or high temperatures, the pads can vibrate as they make contact with the rotor. These vibrations can then cause the brake system to emit a squealing sound.

Brake  Pads and Discs

What are the major factors of brake squeal?

Following are some of the essential factors of brake squeal that you need to know about:-

  1. Glazing: Brake pads and Discs can develop a smooth and hard surface due to overheating or excessive braking, leading to reduced friction and increased likelihood of squealing.
  1. Uneven wear: If the brake pads wear unevenly, with some parts thinner than others, it can result in vibrations and squealing.
  1. Pad and rotor material: The composition of the brake pads and rotor can affect their interaction, leading to squealing. Different combinations of materials may have varying levels of propensity for squealing.
  1. Environmental factors: Wet or humid conditions can increase the likelihood of brake squeal due to reduced friction and potential contamination.
Brakes Pads And Discs

What causes brake squeal and how to fix it?

Brake squeal can be caused by several factors, and addressing the specific cause is essential for effective repair. Here are some common causes and potential solutions for brake squeal:

  1. Glazed brake pads: If the brake pads have become glazed due to excessive heat or prolonged braking, the smooth and hardened surface can contribute to squealing. The solution is to replace the glazed brake pads with new ones that are compatible with your vehicle.
  1. Uneven brake pad wear: Uneven wear on the brake pads and discs can lead to vibrations and squealing. In this case, the brake pads should be inspected, and if necessary, replaced. It is important to ensure that the new brake pads are installed correctly and that the brake calipers are operating smoothly.
  1. Contaminated brake pads or rotors: Contaminants such as dirt, dust, or brake fluid on the brake pads or rotors can cause squealing. Cleaning the brake pads and rotors with a brake cleaner can help remove the contaminants. Additionally, make sure the brake fluid level is correct and there are no leaks in the brake system.
  1. Low-quality brake pads: Inferior or low-quality brake pads may be more prone to squealing. Investing in higher-quality brake pads from reputable manufacturers can help reduce or eliminate brake squeal.

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