What Are Car Sway Bar Links in Vehicles?

The suspension of a vehicle is composed of several components. They all work together to ensure the vehicle handles safely and protects occupants from road imperfections like bumps or dips. Sway bars, Car Sway bar links, shocks, springs, and control arms are just a few of the components of a vehicle’s suspension. Car Sway bar links are an essential part of a vehicle’s sway bars. Without knowing the basics of a sway bar, a link to the sway bar cannot be described properly.

Sway bar Function

The sway bar (also known as an anti-roll bar) is an important part of a truck or car’s suspension. It reduces body roll when cornering. As the vehicle turns a corner, its interior lifts and the weight of the vehicle’s passengers is transferred to the corners. The sway bar, a piece of rigid tubular steel connecting the rear or front suspensions, is a stiff piece of steel. The sway bar acts like a lever, pushing the inside wheel towards the ground when the vehicle is being driven around corners. This reduces body roll.

Description of the Sway Bar Link

A sway bar link is used to attach the sway bar to the car. The link is attached to the sway bar with a bushing, and nut and bolted onto the suspension. The links to the sway bars are typically 4 to 6 inches long, but this can vary. They are located 90 degrees from the sway bar.

Bad Sway Bar Link: Symptoms

Broken, bent or worn-out bushings can cause sway bar links to break. A damaged or non-functioning sway bar link can hurt the vehicle’s handling. Broken sway bars can cause problems with vehicle handling. Broken links and worn bushings may cause squeaks and clunks.

Replacing Sway Bar Links

It is usually easy to replace a sway bar link. Place a floor jack in the area where the sway bar link needs to be replaced. Use a floor jack to support the vehicle. Locate the end link and the sway bar. The nut that holds the end link to the sway bar is removed. The suspension should be removed from the other end. Take the link and replace it with the other end.


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