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  • Product Make: Jaguar
  • Brand: Bs Planet
  • Part No: BS3401KIT

Technical features of the receiver BS3000 EVOMAP:

  • More than 150 km /93,7 miles in open space
  • Internal rechargeable lithium-polymer battery without Memory effect
  • Double modality: Map (street and outdoor map) + directional
  • Wide TFT Colour display 2,8’’, 320×240 resolution
  • Possibility to handle up to 250 transmitters with one localizer
  • Integrated Android System
  • Integrated WiFi system
  • Compatible with Micro SD Card up to 128 GB
  • Zoom detail up to 7 m/ 6.5 yards
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • 3 years warranty
  • Made in Italy
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BS3401 GPS FALCON is a high-tech innovative device, equipped with Android system, conceived to give the possibility to view quickly and exactly the position of your bird, even at long distances (more than 150 km / 93miles in open space).


The strong point about this device is the availability of its software to be modified and customized following the final customer request. All Bs Planet Radio-Gps Devices are developed in a very “open mind” way, in order to be ready to get the maximum number of possible functions and updates, depending on the desires and requests of the market, land by land, country by country, customer by customer.

Actually this is the most important value of the business identity of Bs Planet: the availability to personalize the device (hardware) following the particular request of the customer, thanks to a very flexible software.


BS3401 GPS FALCON, by the way, is a really extraordinary device:


  • Light Equipment: BS3401 GPS FALCON does not need any additional device than the Localizer and the Transmitter(s). It can handle up to 250 transmitters in the same Localizer, it does not require any external pocket link or radio gun to track the falcon, all the customer needs is included in the kit (even the Map).
  • Customer use friendly: BS3401 GPS FALCON is a very intuitive device, it disposes on an only 10 keys keypad and all the functions are easy to be used and understood by final customer.
  • Powerful and well-performing: BS3401 GPS FALCON is the most mighty radio-gps device present on the worldwide market. In comparison with the Competitors, Bs Planet device exit power is 50 times superior (even it is legal and authorized all over the world). This radio power allow the BS3401 GPS FALCON to get the Falcon Position up to 150 km from the Localizer.
  • Precise and accurate: BS3401 GPS FALCON can locate the Falcon, Eagle or Hawk Position with a maximum error of 5/10 meters. It is possible to locate the Transmitter(s) in 3 different modalities:
    • Arrow on a Compass (distance, direction, beeping function when falcon is in front of the Customer position, speed and direction of the falcon);
    • Map (position of both Localizer(s) and Transmitter(s) is reported on a high definition map (both topographic and street map); The localizer has the extraordinary peculiarity to store on the device one or more national maps, and it can be used offline; it doesn’t require the use of telephones or phone coverage nor the connection with smartphones or tablets.
    • Flight Information Modality (Falcon speed, Position of the Falcon on Sea-Level and Position of the Falcon in relationship with the Localizer position, Falcon Position Coordinates, etc…)
  • Safe and Smart: Every transmitter is produced with an univocal and secret code: this guarantees that one receiver will localize only that transmitter and, consequently, that one transmitter won’t be localized with other Localizers (if not allowed by the main Localizer). There are no button on the transmitter(s), it cannot be switched off, because the transmitter can be switched on and off only with its Localizer. This communication feature allows, in addition, not to have any interference between several transmitters. If the customer wants more than one localizer to see the same transmitters (for example 5 localizers to control 20 transmitters altogether), this is very easy and fast to do, by programming the localizer connecting it to a common PC.
  • Light Transmitter and long battery autonomy: The transmitter is very small and light (ONLY 13 GRAMS) and can be secured on small birds, but at the same time is really strong and resistant. Both the transmitter and the receiver are water resistant (IP67). Both have an internal rechargeable lithium polymer battery without memory effect with duration up to 15 days for the transmitter and more than 30 hours for the receiver, so the customer won’t have freight for the substitution of the batteries, because they can be recharged with the charger included in the kit.
  • High Quality: BS3401 GPSFALCON is completely designed, conceived and made in Italy. We use the most powerful and minuscule technology on the market, together with last generation automatic lines. All the electronic plates are made of gold and silver-welded, in order to guarantee unattainable performances and reliability for long time.
  • High Compatibility: BS3401 has an integrated Wi Fi systems, which allows the customer to connect the localizer with smartphones and tablets, and see the main screen of the Localizer on all the android devices in the nearby.
  • Multi Purpose Device: BS3401 can be applied not only to falconry, but also to other important fields. Thanks to its high performances and functions, nowadays the BS3401 is being used for:
    • Falconry
    • Hawking
    • Falcon Races (thanks to the new race modality)
    • Bird control
    • Vehicles Tracking
    • Security




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